The new Stretch Leveler ½” x 96” will produce a wide range of panel flat “Laser Quality” products that include Hot Rolled, HRPO, and Cold Rolled steel.

The state-of-the-art High-Speed Stretch Leveler will be capable of producing 4 million pounds of stretching force and will be equipped with quick exchange gripper bars. This Stretch Leveler is the second Stretch Leveler manufacturer by Delta Steel Technologies for Steel and Pipe Supply.

“At Steel and Pipe, we value relationships with our customers and our suppliers. This project is an effort to fortify that commitment to our current customer base and to gain market share with the highest quality product and service. We have chosen Delta Steel Technologies as our partner in this venture based on our previous experiences and their continued effort to support us when we need them,” ~ John C. Conley, Vice President of Operations at Steel and Pipe. 

About Steel and Pipe Supply

Steel and Pipe Supply is a privately-held carbon steel distributor with extensive value-added coil processing and logistic capabilities. Steel and Pipe Supply has been a dedicated partner to their customers for over 80 years and every employee is driven by their mission to exceed their customers’ expectations in everything they do. Steel and Pipes’ Coil Processing division has locations in Houston, Tulsa and Mexico. Each facility is equipped with Delta Steel Technologies machinery.

About Storage & Processors

Storage & Processors was founded in 1979 as a pure toll processor. In 2009, Steel and Pipe Supply purchased the company as a key opportunity to add an array of services to their growing portfolio.

About Delta Steel Technologies

Delta Steel Technologies offers a variety of products and services designed to add value to steel products.

In response to the needs of the industry, Delta offers the most versatile array of coil processing equipment and ”we are proud to say that we are the only manufacturer worldwide that has built Temper Mill and Stretch Leveler Cut To Length Lines in their entirety,” ~ Joseph Savariego, President of Delta Steel Technologies. Delta Steel Technologies is a reliable source for roller levelers, shears of various types, slitting lines and virtually any piece of equipment needed in the operation of a proficient steel processing facility.  “Delta prides itself on high customer satisfaction. This exciting project is an example of how customer satisfaction pays off,” ~ Savariego.