Tension Bridles are three rolls separately driven by an AC motor. Each drive controls the amount of torque that is required for the bridle roll system to induce enough tension to elongate the entire cross-section of the strip.

Industrial Equilizer Applications

The Flex Roll Cassettes are designed to subject the strip to reverse bends so that it elongates the entire cross-section of the strip beyond its yield point. The amount of elongation is controlled by the LPG’s located before and after the Flex Roll Cassettes.

Shape Correction Equipment

Precision Recoiling Drum is designed to avoid deflection when subjected to high tension. This device is the Shape Sensor of the Equalizing System, as the strip is wrapped about the mandrel, higher tension is induced at the portion of the strip that is thicker or shorter.

This video shows Delta’s shape correction device, The Delta Equalizer. The Equalizer converts material with various shape defects to Dead Flat Steel free of Edge Wave, Center Buckle, and Camber.

Equalizing Manufacturing Equipment for Delta Steel Technologies

Coil Processing Equipment

Texas base, OEM specialized in the design and manufacturing of Flat Rolled Metal Processing Equipment built for Steel Mills and Service Centers based around the world.

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