DELTA’s products and services are the most versatile in the industry. Sometimes a complete line is not needed, but replacing one or a few components can make a significant difference. We have extensive experience with “Retrofitting” a machine into an existing operation. DELTA understands the issues a user faces when shutting down an operation to make improvements. We realize that every moment of downtime is costly. The outage schedule is critical to maintaining because our customer’s customer is waiting. Therefore, our team works long hours and staggered shifts to minimize downtime. Most important, we realistically estimate the amount of downtime to allow our customers to plan ahead.

CTL Equipment Retrofitting

DELTA offers Retrofits in a variety of ways. We can simply provide the equipment, or we can offer a turnkey solution. In many cases, we have taken on projects beginning with the removal of the existing equipment, the civil construction, equipment erection and start-up.

Our vision is to engineer the entire project for star-up, but in retrofits, this approach is even more important because the production line must return to operation. We endeavor to identify and address all the obstacles to success prior to installation to ensure minimal downtime.

Retrofitting Services for Manufacturing Equipment by Delta Steel Technologies

Industrial & Remanufacturing Services

We are home to a team of experienced designers, engineers, machinists, welders, assemblers, electricians, process control technicians and QC professionals.

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