DELTA’s Galvanizing Lines are designed and built using the latest technology available in the industry. Our Galvanizing Lines meet the most stringent requirements, whether the galvanized product is to be used for exposed automotive applications, home appliances, industrial applications, or construction. DELTA Galvanizing Lines are equipped with an electrolytic cleaning section and/or alkaline high-pressure cleaning and/or brushing systems. DELTA’s cleaning section is 100% environmentally friendly.

Galvanizing Line Applications

DELTA Galvanizing Lines can be supplied with L-type non-oxidizing annealing furnaces, horizontal non-oxidizing annealing furnaces, or vertical furnaces (for automotive applications). In order to produce automotive-grade galvanized (Galvaneal).

DELTA also designs and manufactures air knives that can be integrated with either isotope coating weight gauges or X-ray coating weight gauges. Our air knives are designed to produce minimum spangle by injecting steam into the air wipe.

DELTA’s Galvanizing Lines are designed to process material up to 0.188” (5mm) down to 0.008”(0.2mm) and up to 72” (1829mm) in width.

Galvanizing Manufacturing Equipment by Delta Steel Technologies


Galvanizing Manufacturing Equipment for Delta Steel Technologies

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